Refund  & Cancellation Policy

We will refund you the full amount in case you have;


  1. We will decide the authenticity of your request and decide if you can get a refund.

  2. We will refund only 50% of the fees once the payment has been made.

  3. We will not refund any amount 24 hours prior to the event. You must cancel or contact us in time to receive a refund.

  4. We will not refund any amounts once the event is over.

  • In order to get a refund, please come to the studio during working hours or with appointment and we will refund the amount to you in cash only.

  • Please bring along with you, the proof of purchase within Seven (7) days from date of receipt of items(s) at your end.

  • The refund will be processed to the same person who made the original payment. A copy of your ID is mandatory to receive the refund. We will keep a copy of your ID with us along with your signature on it. 

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