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Our Story.


The Beginning

We started our journey in 2015! We are a super mother- daughter duo who decided to embark on this wonderful partnership and start ACDS!

My mother, Seema Gore, a dietitian by profession but a dedicated art and craft lover since childhood & I, Akanksha Gore, a Jewelry Designer from FIT, New York and have been located in Vadodara ever since. We started out with the vision to create a humble space for art lovers to learn and explore their creative sides.


Corporate/Private Events

We started taking up private/corporate events as well as large custom orders for art pieces for homes and gifting. We also started exploring creative art jewellery and putting up exhibitions!



We initially started out with only sales but then realised over time that the real pleasure is in imparting the knowledge and skill we have to all those who want to learn! We decided to start taking up workshops for different forms of art and enable everyone to find a creative spark in them!


The Pandemic

It was a tough year for the entire world. Everyone took a hit and so did we, initially. But we moved on and moved out sessions ONLINE as well! The pandemic definitely taught us all that each person needs a hobby & must always take out time for their mental health and well being by engaging in things that are good for them. Our online sessions allowed us to reach the whole world to spread our love for art and painting.

2017 - 2018

Growing Demand

This journey continued and we starting getting a lot of requests to travel to other cities too to spread this knowledge of art and expression! We travelled to Pune, Mumbai, Thane, Surat, Ahmedabad and many more cities to take workshops and were absolutely delighted to see the response.


Global Reach

Everyone has moved on now and we are more than delighted to have reached 20+ countries and have conducted 800+ online sessions apart from the studio sessions and other work that we do. We have developed great bonds with so many amazing people across the globe. It gives us immense pleasure!

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