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  • All of our workshops are taken by us - Akanksha & Seema. We are the owners of the studio. 

  • After a million requests and to help those who cannot match our timings during live classes - we have decided to make our full class recordings available. We create the painting mentioned from start to finish with you. You need to follow our instructions and create the painting with us. 

  • Once you make your booking, we will get in touch with you about the details and share the links and other details with you. The access will be removed after 3 days from the time the link is shared. (Link will be available for 3 days immediately after booking.)

  • If you wish to see pictures of our previously taken classes then you can check out our Instagram page!

  • We have clients from all over the world and we take pride in mentioning that we take very good care and have great relationships with all our clients. If you live outside India and wish to join us, please get in touch with us on our chat panel and we will get you registered for the session of your choice.

  • Cheers & enjoy our lovely classes at your own time!! :)

Acrylic 09th June 2023
Dog Acrylic 16th Jan 2022
Acrylic Painting 22nd Feb 2022
Buddha Mix Media Decoupage 26th Feb 2022
Gold Foil Abstracts 27th Feb 2022
Flamingo Knife 13th Nov 2021
Sculpture Paste Florals 26th Feb 2022
Water Colour 30th Dec 2021
Dancing Couple Acrylic 13th Feb 2022
Sculpture Paste Florals 30th Jan 2022
Acrylic 26th October 2021 Day 2
Landscape Acrylic 07th Feb 2022 Day 1
Girl on Cycle Knife Painting 23rd Oct 2021
Water Colour  12th Nov 2021
Sparrows Gold Foil 22nd Jan 2022
Knife Painting 05th Sept 2021
Cat Acrylic 18th Dec 2021
Mix Media Decoupage 02nd Apr 2022
Water Colour 15th Jan 2022
MixMedia Decoupage 23rd Jan 2022
Sculpture Paste Florals 02nd April 2022
Torn and Textured Decoupage 27th Feb 2022
Butterfly Knife Painting 27th Dec 2020
Radha Krishna Acrylic 18th Jan 2022 Day 2
Two Friends Acrylic 22nd Sept 2021 Day 3
Acrylic 25th Jan 2022 Day 2
Sail Boat Acrylic 08th Jan 2022
Acrylic Painting 05th Jan 2022
Birds Acrylic  16th Oct 2021
Ganesha Mural 03rd Sept 2021 Day 2
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